Work on design

Figma is the primary tool of the Interactive Design design department, which provides collaborative space for the team. This document contains the basic rules to make the workflow clear and comfortable. These rules structure the approach to creating layouts in Figma. We do not demand strict adherence to these rules, but a single unified approach would help to maintain consistency within the entire project.

Work structure

We attempted to create a system that meets two conditions:

  • accelerates the designers’ work,
  • allows designers to collaborate.

To maintain the right balance between speed and transparency, we have prioritized according to six principles:

  • Consistency. Files and projects have a clear name. Work files should be obviously structured.
  • Development. Projects, files, and teams should not overgrow to a point where control and management take up too many resources.
  • Mutual respect. Designers respect each other's work and do not make changes to other people's layouts without warning.Controllability. A small number of people per project to make the work easier and more accessible.
  • Autonomy. Each team can deviate from recommendations, thus recognizing that one solution may not work for all.