Brand image

We strive to ensure that visual language techniques are used responsibly, add value, remain directly associated with the brand and do not interfere with the products' use.

We have our position

We take a clear position not requiring universal approval. We state our position and bear the responsibility for substituting it. We have clear goals and motives to present this position to users.
We are open to dialogue with those who do not share our position, but, like us, strive for harmony.
We are moderately humble. We know that we are a successful team of like-minded people making amazing software. Our development path is a path of experimentation and change leading to continuous improvement.


We are upbeat, resourceful and friendly. We motivate and encourage initiative. We know that innovations are born in chaos, but take shape in business processes.
Our goal is to help humankind reach the concepts of harmony with nature, lean economy, cyclical production, decentralized society. A society where production and service industries serve people, not governments and corporations. Caring for the biosphere and unity with nature are the fundamental principles of humanity. The basic needs of mankind are met for every individual.

Usability of information

We give a helping hand. Tips, advice and instructions are gold. We always provide the right information on time. Having 'enough' is better than having 'everything'.
We use clear and simple language, avoid industry slang and remember to use links. Absolutely everyone can understand us, regardless of language and culture.